Glorihoby Pocket Cosmetic Bag, Lambskin Pocket Cosmetic Bag Squeeze Top, 4pcs Lambskin Pocket Cosmetic Bag, Lambskin Pocket Cosmetic Bag,Pocket Cosmetic Bag Squeeze Top Cotton



【Mini Storage Bag】Waterproof leather material, durable, lightweight and compact, can be put into a large bag, easy to carry. 【No Zipper Design】The shrapnel is sealed, the shrapnel is made of electroplated iron, not easy to deform, not easy to rust, and can be reused. Easy access to bag contents. 【Shock Absorption Protection】Suede is used in the bag to protect the inner core of the lipstick from being deformed and damaged, and to protect the jewelry from scratches and collisions. 【Waterproof Leather, Stain Resistan】Made of high-quality PU leather, don’t worry about your small bag being damaged. 【Multifunctional Storage】A must for daily travel storage, used for earphones, lipsticks, jewelry, etc. After the cosmetics are neatly stored, you don't have to worry about going out to touch up your makeup.


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